Tips For Organisations

Here are severals suggestions to strengthen the links between strategy and project/program & portfolio management, organisations and for all professionals:

  • Build a solution based and bottom-up processes of portfolio management structure that align with projects’ outcomes with organisational strategy,
  • Strengthen the portfolio management practices and continually improve the processes regarding the feedbacks,
  • Take responsibilities and ownership to deliver business value,
  • Increase the capability of PMOs not only for supporting but also managing effeciently to support the delivery of projects and programs,
  • Ensure that project managers have the exact skills, capabilities and experiences to adapt new business models and related projects,
  • Take more strategic approachs to talent management providing for the future by creating career paths and always develop their talents to ensure project deliveries and strategic outcomes,
  • Ensure the change management which is the most process of the project maangement according to the several surveys integrated with project management activities, efforts and other side effects.


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